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Remote Practice Manager

How to work with a Remote Practice Manager

Remote Practice Manager….. How does this work? The typical Medical Practice Manager spends a majority of their time caught up in the day-to-day running of the practice. They frequently become
Australia's Healthiest Workplace Challenge

Hoxton MPM – Australia’s Healthiest Workplace

During June and July the whole team at Hoxton MPM participated in Australia’s Healthiest Workplace Challenge. The event was hosted around the Shae Wellness integrated platform that uses a mix

Six Actions to improve Governance in your Medical Practice

Most medical practice owners have been trained in the concepts of clinical governance, in hospital and university. These are the important rules, systems and processes that guide the daily activities
Practice Manager Resign

How do you replace a Practice Manager?

I was not surprised to find from our survey of practice owners that their worst nightmare in business would be their practice manager resigning. This scenario rated higher than tax

The five most important metrics for serious practice owners

It is not sufficient for practice owners to simply operate a medical practice in order to pay staff, pay for utilities and keep some cash in the bank for the

Five things you must do when taking over a colleague’s medical practice

Like most doctors Krishna describes her business skills as ‘non-existent’. She is a highly trained gynaecologist with some research and medical school prizes. On returning from her overseas fellowship an
Medical Fee Index 2021

When and how to increase your fees in 2021

The AMA have published their annual Medical Fee Index The AMA Medical Fees Index (MFI) is a weighted average of the cost and wage indices impacting the cost of practice
The True Cost of Transcription

Understand the true cost and burden of medical transcription

A profitable medical practice understands its costs. To be successful in any business, owners and managers must have a deep understanding of their costs. Medical practices are no different. It’s

Pandemics force change: making the most of change through a practice health check

Modern Changes Having endured some of the largest adjustments in living memory due to Covid-19, many of us have ‘change fatigue’ and yearn for simpler times. Despite this, most healthcare
Billing App

Hoxton Billing App v3.0 Update

The Hoxton Billings team are pleased to announce the launch of our latest release Mobile Billing App. Packed full of useful features, one of the highlights is the new update