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Gentu and Cloud Practice Management Software

Episode 5: The Hoxton Admin team use 12 different Practice Management Software systems each day, so we’re in a great position to compare and contrast software in the market place.

Digital Health in Private Practice with Clinic to Cloud

Episode 4: In this show we speak with Rafic Habib who invented Clinic to Cloud, the first truly web-based application Practice Management System designed for Australian doctors. We talk about

Medicare Basics and Private Billing Strategies

Episode 3: We discuss the basics of the Australian Medicare system, its integration with Private Health Insurace and how to play by the rules. Lena Wallish, the Hoxton Medical and

The Dark Art Of Reconciliation with Surgical Partners

Episode 2: In this show we open up the black-box of Surgical Partners, a magic piece of technology that solves a problem that many doctor business owners don’t even know

Policies, Procedures and PracticeHub

Episode 1: Today we’ll open up the pages on the rule book of medical practice, the guide for staff and the map for business operations. The repository of your practice’s

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