This service provides for complete, professional and efficient management of private medical practices. Hoxton Medical Practice Management allows doctors to devote all of their working time to managing patients.

Hoxton MPM provides freedom from: business hassles, compliance issues, financial management, staff hiring, firing and performance management, IT and software maintenance, ordering of consumables, invoicing and payment of bills and book-keeping. All of the day to day requirements of medical small businesses.

Using a comprehensive approach to managing all facets of medical practice, Hoxton MPM has the capabilities to optimise existing practices or establishing new practices. Hoxton MPM has a complete administration and secretarial team dedicated to operating medical practices of any size, including:

  • Practice Manager
  • Secretarial and Administration staff
  • Full-time IT support
  • Book Keeper
  • Billings Submission

Practice Management Services are tailored to meet the specific requirements of clients. Full service management is available for new and established practices, including solo-practitioners, group practices and multi-site practices.

Hoxton MPM – Practice Management Start-Up

This is for new or recently established practices, looking to set things going right from the start, utilizing the most technologically advanced tools, paperless office, multi-site server access and fully staffed support Monday through Friday.

Hoxton MPM – Practice Management Established

This solution is designed to assess and analyse established practices to enable a transition to the most efficient and effective model possible. Utilizing existing resources and untapped strengths, Hoxton MPM will optimize the activities of staff, personalize and configure medical software, and confidently take-over of all of the administration tasks in a reliable and accurate manner.

Hoxton MPM – Practice Management Project

As a temporary measure, this option is designed for new and existing practices where Hoxton MPM work under a fixed term contact to reconfigured or set-up medical practices (typically 12 – 24 months). Control of management responsibilities would be transitioned back to local staff at the completion of the project.