Hoxton’s Incentive Review Service maximises your Practice Incentives Program (PIP) payments.

Operated by Medicare, PIP can deliver tens of thousands of dollars to GP Practices but many miss out on thousands of dollars per year.

PIP payments reward organisational excellence and quality of care. In order to qualify for these payments rigorous guidelines and rules need to be followed. Practice Managers and Practice Principals are responsible for compliance and ultimately the success of these programs.

Ensuring that GP Practices are being paid for their work

Without active management of PIP, GP Practices may miss out on payments that they would otherwise qualify for. Our experience tells us that this is often more than $20,000 per year.

Hoxton MPM’s Incentive Review Service delivers a comprehensive and efficient review of PIP compliance. We also give detailed insights into where additional incentive revenue may be earned.

Hoxton’s hassle free Incentive Review Service

One of our Incentive Experts will visit on-site and together with the Practice Manager evaluate your Practice activities. Firstly our analysis will identify where your practice meets criteria to claim incentives and then report on what needs to be done to boost incentive revenue.

We provide a personalised, site-specific report outlining what steps need to be taken by your team. This report will also include a comparison of current and expected annual PIP incentive income for your benchmarking.

It’s hassle free because our quick and non-invasive review does not require installation or download of any software or extraction of sensitive patient data.

Because PIP criteria are changing in May 2019, now is the time to make the most of the existing incentives!

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