Many Medical Secretaries and Practice Managers feel isolated in their roles, without clear managerial supervision. Small and medium sized practices often lack the organisational structures and programs that can improve efficiency and compliance, help businesses succeed and contribute to staff retention and development.

Hoxton MPM has a team of experienced Business Managers who provide mentoring and support to guide medical businesses and managerial staff towards best practice and successful outcomes. This service is able to ensure that Medical Practices operate as efficient businesses, even in the absence of formal business training of the Principal Practitioner(s).

The service includes advice and mentoring focusing on:

  • The role of a Manager
  • Strategy, efficiency and business success
  • Bookkeeping and accounting practices
  • Human resources
  • Staff recruitment
  • Professional development
  • Performance difficulties and reviews
  • Practice Policies and Procedures
  • Development
  • Implementation
  • Relationships with service providers
  • Designing and evolving computer, software and online capabilities
  • Reporting and auditing
  • Compliance requirements
  • Setting goals and measuring success

Mentoring is provided on a scheduled basis with fortnightly, monthly or quarterly onsite sessions, or ad-hoc sessions as required.