Hoxton MPM provides Medical Practice Services for Doctors who are not expert at Practice Management.

Many practices will lose the equivalent of 1 month’s revenue each year due to losses caused by inefficient practice operations, poor management and incomplete billing.*

More than 1 in 5 practices are not compliant with Work Place Regulations and Fairwork Awards.*

The majority of Doctors do not directly oversee their practice finances or forensically examine financial reports.*

You can outsource the management responsibilities to a team of professionals who are experts in Medical Practice Management, trained to deliver an efficient, compliant and reliable service.

In addition to practice’s existing front-desk staff, Hoxton MPM can deploy a team to manage all Back Office operations of the medical practice. This service can also facilitate a transition practices from paper-based practice to modern paper-less offices and full medical practice software engagement.

Management of Back Office activities can be difficult for busy, front-of-house secretaries.

Hoxton MPM Back Office provides complete oversight and delivery of all Back Office tasks, including:

  • Billing submissions to insurers (MBS, DVA, private insurers)
  • Submission of invoices to external creditors (legal and insurance firms)
  • Debt collection
  • Reconciliation of invoices
  • Bookkeeping
  • Ordering of equipment and consumables
  • Banking
  • Marketing opportunities and directory listings
  • Maintenance of web-sites and online presence
  • Compliance and quality assurance
  • Oversight of insurance requirements and compliance issues (e.g. Practice & Public Liability, WorkCover etc.)
  • Computer and software training
  • Software and computer updates
  • Maintenance of computers databases (including provision of back-up services)
  • Maintenance of relationships with service providers (telecoms, landlords etc.)
  • Management of subscriptions (Argus, MIMS, software etc.)
  • Transcription services
  • Delivery of financial and activity statements for financial reporting
  • IT support and infrastructure where required

*Survey of practices we have been commissioned to examine.