Case Studies

Improving Practice Incentive Program revenue for a busy general practice

Identifying missing payments and missed opportunities.


This busy, well-established General Practice was proactively monitoring and maintaining compliance to the Practice Incentive Program (PIP) with support from the Primary Health Network and a clinical audit tool.

Despite their efforts, the Directors questioned whether they were receiving the maximum amount of incentive payments possible.



While the practice was already engaged and being supported in PIP practices, we knew we could not only find where and why they were missing payments, but that we could also give them clear recommendations to start maximising those missed opportunities.


After initial contact, we outlined the order of events and scheduled an on-site practice review date, briefing the Practice Manager (PM) with a list of Incentive Program-related documents to have ready for our meeting.

Once onsite with the PM, we reviewed each of the incentive requirements and how the practice had been going about meeting and monitoring them. This enabled us to follow up with a preliminary estimate of expected incentive income based on eligibility and the practice’s existing patient statistics.

The Incentive Review Report was sent to the PM featuring:

  • Final Practice Incentive Program income estimates
  • Clear instructions for how to start claiming those PIP incentive amounts
  • Several strategies to realise an additional $16,000 in incentive revenue per annum.

We also recommended 3 or 6-monthly reviews to monitor the practice as they implemented our recommendations and started to realise increased incentive payments each subsequent quarter.

The review meeting took place 5 days from initial contact and the Incentive Review Report was delivered 2 days after that. The on-site practice review took 3 hours to complete due to the complexity of systems (clinical software, clinical audit tool) and documents (PIP Statements).



The client now has:
  • A deeper understanding of the influencers of practice incentive payments.
  • A clear and realistic picture of how much they could be earning from incentives and what they need to do to make those figures a reality.
  • Can we add a figure result in terms of actual $$ or time saved?


By equipping you with insights, understanding and a set of follow up steps, Hoxton can swiftly help any General Practice receive a defined higher incentive revenue than can be achieved with existing resources.

Improving resilience, efficiencies and the bottom line.

  • A review of current PIP processes
  • A defined amount of PIP Incentive payments achievable
  • Actionable steps towards better, more financially rewarding processes
  • Financial benefit achieved within 7 working days of initial contact