Case Studies

Optimising dictation and transcription with Voice Box Intelligent Transcription


This large, well-established specialist practice had an admin team of 11 with two senior medical secretaries taking on the bulk of the practice typing. As the number of specialists grew, it became necessary to bolster the typing pool.

The practice engaged an overseas typing agency who accessed sound files remotely from India returning Word files within five days. Though the cost was only 12c per line, the files still had to be imported, formatted, addressed and sent, leaving the team with a significant administrative burden. More worrying was the poor quality transcripts, lack of local knowledge, and the idea that data visible outside of Australia potentially contravened Australian Privacy Principals.

The practice persevered with this inefficient, substandard overseas transcription solution as it was hard to find local typists who could work to a similar budget.



Despite their competent secretarial team, the practice couldn’t keep up with the volume of letters and the practice manager knew the overseas typing agency was far from ideal.

Hoxton was called in to review their processes and found that sound files, data and documentation were being double-handled at multiple levels. This meant a very manual, administration-heavy transcription process.


We provided a complete end-to-end transcription process that removed every administration touch-point within the practice.

The Voice Box Intelligent Transcription platform provided standardised recording and sound file delivery with integrated Australian-based transcription and proofreading, plus a doctor-approval and delivery process.

The doctors uploaded Voice Box to their mobile devices and dictated letters in a consistent format with transparent workflows, auditing and delivery reports.

Both admin team and doctors enjoyed built-in features such as:

  • pre-filled patient list from integrated appointment diary
  • Australian-based proofreaders to ensure accuracy
  • a database for addressing letters (with secure messaging addresses and fax numbers of 80,000+ healthcare professionals)
  • in-App editing and letter approval process
  • automatic filing under patient name within medical practice software.


Voice Box delivered a substantial cost and time saving. New integrated workflows removed all administration costs within the practice, saving them more than $3 per letter.

With Voice Box, the average cost is $3 per letter. (Fees are calculated on a time basis, according to dictation duration plus 15c per delivery.) This includes audited delivery to multiple recipients, filing the letter to the doctor’s software, and access to an urgent typing option.

The practice manager was also delighted that the pay-per-use system handles surges in workload and fluctuations created by senior medical secretaries’ annual leave.


Replacing clunky dictation and transcription processes with Hoxton’s integrated, safe and local solution saves time, money, headaches and mistakes.


Optimising dictation and transcription with Voice Box Intelligent Transcription


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