Case Studies

Setting up strong foundations for a private medical practice in just 2 weeks

An orthopaedic surgeon’s mobile medical practice set up fast and right.


This newly qualified orthopaedic surgeon wanted to spend more time seeing patients than managing a practice. He wanted the freedom to be as mobile and possible, seeing patients in various consulting rooms rather than at a premises he would need to source, purchase, develop and manage himself. Nor did he want to the hassles of employing his own staff.



We were tasked with setting up a mobile practice delivering all the virtual services a surgical practitioner would require: virtual administration and reception, in-patient medical billing and bookkeeping services.


One of our dedicated Hoxton Project Managers coordinated the execution of processes to quickly establish:

  • Phone and fax lines
  • Email mailboxes
  • Clinical and financial software configuration
  • Bookkeeping and medical billing systems.

Through clear progress tracking and regular two-way communication, the few challenges encountered were swiftly resolved and the client was well-informed throughout the week-long start-up process.


Our Hoxton Project Manager introduced the client to their new virtual administration, reception, billing and bookkeeping teams before officially going live with the service within the agreed timeframe.

This included the introduction and implementation of:

  • A Virtual Administration and Reception service to organise and manage all patient appointment bookings.
  • The Hoxton Medical Billing app driven by Hoxton’s in-patient medical billing processes.
  • Bookkeeping services for reconciliation and tax purposes.
  • Voice Box Intelligent Transcription, Hoxton’s own dictation, letter creation and delivery platform.

The implementation of end-to-end virtual administration and reception service was finalised within five business days. Medical billing and bookkeeping took just 10 more business days to complete.



Thanks to Hoxton’s set up and virtual practice management services, the client now has:


Setting up your own medical practice is no easy task – but Hoxton deploys services with military-like precision (and the personal touch) to meet your needs and expectations with speed and ease.

An orthopaedic surgeon’s mobile medical practice set up fast and right


We keep your practice running smoothly, so you can focus on your most important work.