Medical & Surgical Billing

Save time and money, regain lost revenue, enjoy financial control

Many practices lose more than 20% of their revenue due to incorrect billing. Often that’s because invoices aren’t submitted, follow ups aren’t chased, and dealing with insurers, patients and debtors takes time you or front desk secretaries just don’t have.

Our medical and surgical billing team deal with these matters daily, focusing entirely on ensuring your invoices are paid. Meaning you and your staff have more time for patient-focused activities and your bottom line benefits from efficiently collected fees.

With experience across a range of Practice Management Software platforms,  the Hoxton MPM medical and surgical billing team is here to support you with whatever systems and software you use.

Key benefits include:

Outsourced medical and surgical billing means a transparent, up-to-date and compliant system

Private Health Insurance Registration

Private Health Insurance Registration

With over 30 forms required to register for invoicing Private Health Insurers in Australia, that’s a time saving and load off your mind.
Devise Your Billing Strategy

Devise Your Billing Strategy

Benefit from our expert knowledge in setting benchmarks, out-of-pocket fees and strategies for in-patient billings.
Your Software or Ours

Your Software or Ours

Utilise our fully compliant Australian-based billing platform OR have data entered directly into your own medical practice software.
Receive Gap Payments

Receive Gap Payments

Set your Gap Fee and we’ll invoice your patients for electronic payment.
Financial Consent

Financial Consent

Patient consent to fees for medical and surgical services is confirmed via the App.
Monthly Financial Reports

Monthly Financial Reports

Receive financial reports at the end of every month for your tax records. More detailed reports available on request.
Medicare Provider Number Registration

Medicare Provider Number Registration

Enjoy swift completion and approval of registration paperwork. We’ll also link all Provider Numbers to your business bank account.
Full Medicare Benefits Schedule

Full Medicare Benefits Schedule

No need to remember the definitions of thousands of MBS item numbers. They’re all listed within the App, including your own 10 favourites.
Ward Round Efficiency

Ward Round Efficiency

Keep an accurate list of in-patients securely in your pocket. Efficiently submit invoices at the time of discharge.

Our paperless submission system makes billing a breeze – in 11 easy steps

Using the convenience and certainty of our specially designed HoxtonMPM Smartphone App, you can submit inpatient billing directly wherever you are.

1. Enter patient details
Open App, photograph patient label & confirm MBS item numbers.
2. Patient signs
Patient financial consent is completed within App - where required.
3. Data sent
Data sent securely from your Smartphone to Hoxton Billings Platform.
4. Review
Hoxton Billings Expert reviews submissions & generates invoices.
5. Invoice sent
Invoices sent via online claiming system to Medicare, DVA & Private Health Insurers.
6. Out of pocket fees*
Patient pyments taken through e-payment portal (Premium Service only).
7. Monitor*
Hoxton Billings Expert monitors & reviews status of all invoices. (Premium Service Only)
8. Follow-up*
Rejected or unpaid invoices are followed-up & managed by your Hoxton Billings Expert. (Premium Service only)
9. Remittance
Remittance Advices are electronically retrieved after payment goes into your account.
10. Fees
Hoxton Billings direct debits the Service Fee after you're paid. (3%* Basic / 4.5%* Premium).
11. Monthly statement
Hoxton Billings provides an itemised account at the end of every month.

Using the convenience and certainty of our specially designed Smartphone App, you can submit inpatient billing directly wherever you are.

Basic Billing Service
Premium Billing Service
Up-front fee
Minimum fee
Service fee
Easy to use Smartphone App
Registration with health funds
Invoice submission to private insurers
Bulk Bill to Medicare/DVA
Take out of pocket “gap” payments
Workers Comp, third party and patient claims
Hoxton follows-up unpaid claims
Debt collection
Bill through your own software
Talk to us
Admin fee
Dual service
Clients can access both levels of service for different accounts
Past Month Payment Report
Detailed Debtor Reporting
Medical Bookkeeping Reconciliation Service
Optional extra service integrating your bank account with Xero and reconciling every payment you receive


Registration is free and you are only ever charged after you’ve received your patient fees. Choose Hoxton MPM Billings Service and select from two levels of support, administration and oversight of your accounts.

* Of invoice amount paid by insurer to Provider + GST, excludes bank and merchant fees

We make medical and surgical billing easy, so you can focus on your most important work.