Hoxton MPM provides comprehensive and efficient Virtual Reception and Virtual Administration Services which can be customised to best support your private practice. This will provide you with complete flexibility and mobility for you to work anywhere using a centralised, accessible and secure system.

Our staff are selected for their varied medical industry experience so that we will be able to provide exceptional customer service, a high level of patient care and support from administration professionals who are adaptable and confident with technology.

Hoxton MPM will provide a team of experienced medical receptionists to operate a telephone point of contact for your patients, referring doctors and other stakeholders.

Your dedicated offsite medical secretaries will have a clear understanding of your practice and patients as well as awareness of your processes, policies and procedures. Our Project Manager will work with you to develop and document these.

The Reception component of these services provides a fully centralised booking system, giving your practice an efficient and professional image even when there is no-one in your rooms.

This service will provide:

  • An experienced medical receptionist answering all your calls during normal business hours (Monday to Friday excluding public holidays)
  • Appointment bookings made directly into your medical database, including any rescheduling required
  • Delivery of personal messages relayed via email, text or phone call
  • After hours message recording service and follow up

In addition to the virtual reception phone services we offer extra reception administrative tasks which can be performed by your Hoxton MPM medical secretaries. Giving you complete confidence that your practice is operating as efficiently as possible, improving your patient attendance and freeing you from the burden of managing patient correspondence, messages and tasks.

This service will provide:

  • Management of incoming and outgoing correspondence, both electronic and paper
  • Appointment confirmation reminders via SMS and letters to new patients
  • Co-ordination of tasks, messages and emails (e.g. responding to tasks set by you)
  • Follow up of outstanding documents such as referrals and results